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Krishna Smarana
Devotees’ Creative Monologues
Elaborating Krishna’s Pastimes

Edited by Krishna Kshetra Das

excerpt from the book's introduction:

..The idea for this collection came during the 2010 Vaishnava summer

retreats in Croatia and Serbia, when I conducted a seminar in which we

focused on a few selected pastimes of Krishna outside Vrindavan, as

described in the Shrimad Bhagavatam. It has long been an interest of

mine to explore how “creativity” might be encouraged and practiced

among Vaishnavas, recognizing that we all have an expressive propensity

that is the source of great energy, enthusiasm, and spiritual insight. So

on these two occasions I urged devotees to do some “homework” for

the seminar by making some short writing exercises, in which they were

to identify one or another associate of Krishna from whom we do not

hear directly in the Bhagavatam’s pages, and then “give voice” to that


Color soft cover, 114 pages,

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